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Welcome to Viaggio Digital, where creativity meets craftsmanship. We specialize in transforming your unique designs into high-quality, custom screen prints and embroidery, ensuring each piece is crafted with precision, passion, and a commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, whether it's for personal projects, corporate branding, or special events. At Viaggio Digital, we believe that every design tells a story, and we are here to help you share yours with the world. Let us take your ideas on a journey from concept to print, delivering exceptional results every time.

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Minimum 48 pieces


Minimum 48 pieces

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We specialize in transforming your unique designs into high-quality, custom screen prints, ensuring each piece is crafted with precision, passion, and a commitment to excellence.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit artwork?Just email it to hello@viaggiodigital.com and we’ll check it out. If your file is too big to email to us, just use something like Dropbox or WeTransfer and email us the link.

What's your minimum?Our minimum for printing garments is 48 pieces for 1 color designs or 72 pieces for multiple color work.

How much does printing cost?It varies so much. It depends on how many you’re ordering and what the printing is like (just one color on the front only, versus two color front and three color back, etc) and what kind of shirt it is. There is no standard price. Get in touch with us for a custom price!

How long does an order take?After you give your payment for your order, we can then order the blank shirts or hoodies or whatever we need, and those generally arrive in 1 or 2 business days, though some items, especially some American Apparel items, can take a week to get to us. Generally, orders are shipped out in one to two weeks, although it may take longer for very large, complicated orders, or orders requiring blank items that take a while to get to us.

How do I pay?Once we come up with a price and you’re ready to go, we will send you an invoice via email that you can pay securely online with a credit card. If you don’t want to pay online, you can call in your credit card information (paying online is usually easiest for everyone.)

Can I get just one?No, sorry, you can't order just one item printed. Screen printing involves a ton of set up work, and that is why we have minimums. If you need just a couple, look into "DTG Printing."

What kind of artwork do you need?For screen printing, we prefer vector format, like Illustrator or EPS or PDF files. That’s ideal for screen printing, because it has crisp edges, and we need a sharp edge when we make the stencil in the screen. For embroidery, a DST file is required and if you don't have it, there will be an additional fee for us to digitized it.

Why don't you show pricing on the site?Because pricing is so complicated. It's based on what kind of garment, how many colors and locations to print, and the quantity printed at a time.

It doesn't take long to come up with a quote for your project, so just email us at hello@viaggiodigital.com,

How long have you been doing this?Viaggio Digital, formally iMarc Media Group started in a small office building in Downtown Atlanta in 2012.

What if I don't even have artwork?No problem! Tell us your ideas and we can create it for you. We have several different graphic designers on staff.

What is a normal size for a custom embroidered left or right chest logo?For a normal crest size embroidery we typically size the logo 3.5”-5”. The smallest text size is usually an indicator as to the overall length of an embroidered logo. Typically we can do lettering no smaller than one eighth of an inch in height. That does depend on the type of material it is being sewn onto also. Small text may have to be modified or removed in order to embroider.

What is the normal size for a Hat or Visor Logo?The overall height for a low profile hat is 2.25”. Higher profile hats can have up to a 2.50” logo. The width can be up to 5” depending on the hat. The max size for a hat back or side is 3”. Embroidery for Visors can vary depending on the visor style. Typically they are 1”-1.5”. Width can be up to 5” depending on the style.

Do you charge by the color for embroidery?We do not charge by thread color for embroidery. Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count and quantity of products. We will provide you with a quote if you email your logo to us along with the items you are interested in ordering.

Does metallic thread cost more?Yes, we charge more for metallic thread. It is double the price of regular embroidery. Metallic thread is difficult to work with and is not meant for everything. We also reserve the right to refuse to use metallic thread on certain designs and certain products. Metallic thread is metal coated thread so it does not work well on certain products because of this. Colors we have available: Gold, Silver, Variegated, Purple, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Bronze and Pink.

Can you embroider on anything?No, we try very hard to be as diverse as possible to satisfy our customer’s needs. If we can hoop it and get it on the machine we can stitch it.

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