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Founded in 2013, Empify was created to change the way people perceive themselves and the role of money in their lives. We pour belief back into communities through financial education, inspiration, and implementation. Partnering with organizations, schools and universities, we shift the conversation from lack to abundance. We equip our Empifiers with the tools and knowledge needed to help remove the fear centered around financial decisions. Founded by Ashley M. Fox, a former Wall Street analyst, Empify is the merging of the words EMPower and modIFY. Our fundamental principle is to educate, empower, and modify the mindset of every individual inspiring them achieve career, life, and financial success. Empify focuses on the creation of life-altering curricula, informative digital content and interactive events curated to teach the basics of financial literacy. Learn how you can get Empified!

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Ashley M. Fox has dedicated her life to helping people develop career, life, and financial success. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ashley’s competitive spirit and desire to succeed led her to search for colleges that would put her in the best position to compete in the finance industry, specifically Wall Street. The exposure to Howard University’s School of Business, enabled her to secure an internship every year of college—the first being at Johnson & Johnson, and the remaining three at top Wall Street investment banks. After graduating magna cum laude with a finance degree from Howard University, Ashley became the first member of her family to obtain a college degree.

Hired by J.P. Morgan Chase, Ashley worked full-time in Asset Management. She worked with an integrated team of individuals to help manage the assets of high net worth individuals whose total assets exceeded a minimum of $25 million. There she was exposed to the various types of financial tools and products, and she learned how to effectively use those tools to help people manage their wealth. Rather than sit back and keep all of this information to herself, she decided to share it with others, and empower them through education. With this desire in mind, she bid farewell to her Wall Street career and six-figure earnings to pursue a path that allowed her to use her passion for financial literacy and empowering people of diverse socio-economic statuses.
Although Ashley worked for a large Wall Street investment bank and had made six figures, before her 25th birthday she discovered the fundamental principle of wealth building by making major mistakes: “It’s not what you make, but how you spend it.” She became a hyper-spender, saving and investing some, but spending as much and as often as she could on trips around the world to shopping excursions. She quickly went from a six figure income to losing everything. Ashley later had no home, maxed credit cards, and overdrawn accounts. Every lesson for a greater blessing. She now shares her lessons with others while working to help them prevent bad behaviors and modify current financial habits.

A former Wall Street analyst is now an expert in her field as a personal financial coach, and a writer for Black Enterprise Magazine. She is also the founder of Empify, an education-based organization created to help assist working professionals, small business owners and the youth with basic financial education and resources. Ashley is a highly-sought after speaker and has been featured on empowerment tours, college campuses, and keynote speaking platforms. Her expertise has earned her the position of Co-Chair of the Fiscal Responsibility committee for the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and she has graced the cover of Business & Finance Magazine. She has been featured on Jim Cramer’s “The Street”, Yahoo Finance, AOL,, Huffington Post, and Glamour Magazine.

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