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Why SEO Doesn’t Work?

There are myriads of reasons why your SEO might not be working. The bottom line: If your website isn’t attracting high-quality leads from search results, or your SEO campaign doesn’t deliver the ROI you need, then it’s time for a full-scale SEO audit. Our website SEO auditing services analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses to determine an SEO strategy that paves the way for long-term success.

SEO Website Audit Services
Technical SEO
  • Considered a digital health check for your website, our technical SEO audits check backend elements like page speed, index status, broken links, duplicate content, and crawlability. This helps us understand how Google’s search engine spiders index your website, as well as how individual page elements affect crawl space and user experience.

Website Structure

  • Your website’s structure tells Google which pages are most important. Having a clear, logical and organized site map helps search engines find and index your content quickly. Our SEO audit ensures your website adheres to clear and simple naming conventions and reflects a clear hierarchy for optimized crawling and indexing.

SEO Keyword

  • Keywords are the backbone of on-page SEO, so it’s essential you understand which ones your target audience use. Our SEO keyword audit assesses whether your existing keywords are doing well for their original optimization, and if not, we’ll know how to improve them for better engagement.

Content SEO

  • We provide insight into what content to create, update, re-write or delete. Our comprehensive content audit reveals areas on your website that aren’t properly optimized for search engine results, assists with content development workflow, and aligns your content plan to your current marketing goals.

On-Page SEO

  • On-page elements like header tags, image ALT tags, and the length of page titles and URLs are crucial to SEO success. Healthy on-page SEO makes it easier for search crawlers to identify whether your web pages are relevant to a searcher’s query. So, if something’s missing, or needs to be optimized, we’ll immediately be able to pick it up.

Link Building Strategy

  • Our SEO auditing process assesses the quality of links to your website from other domains, with the aim to eradicate bad ones that hinder performance. Search engines like Google use backlinks to determine rank, so it is essential your links are high quality.

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