Brand Marketing Vs Product Marketing

Brand Marketing vs Product Marketing

Product marketing informs strategic positioning and ensures alignment across the company. It partners with sales to close more revenue, informs product teams to deliver better products, and in some cases, co-owns demand generation activities with marketing teams.

Product marketing tasks

  • Developing and executing go-to-market (GTM) strategies
  • Researching and understanding target segments
  • Analyzing competitor activities
  • Developing product value propositions
  • Defining messaging strategies
  • Ensuring customer success teams and salespeople understand the product features

Product marketing uncovers where to play and how to win. And then it ensures that all of the organization’s efforts match that true north.

Brand Marketing provides a strategic approach to building relationships between your brand and your customers. It uses the insights gained in product marketing to work out how to reach them.

The goal of brand marketing is to make your brand first and the most obvious choice when they’re looking to buy.

Brand Marketing Tasks

  • Brand tracking, identity, and recognition
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Building brand equity
  • Understanding and influencing consumer perceptions about the brand.

Brand marketing is about building connections through emotion and experiences, a key driver in consumer decision-making.