Screen Printing

Screen printing is the more traditional approach to printing custom t-shirts. Screen printing uses a thick layer of ink that is pressed through a stencil and directly on to the t-shirt. Because of that, your design will appear slightly raised off of the surface of the t-shirt, unlike DTG, which will appear as if it were printed directly on the shirt itself.

Screen printing is best used for simpler designs that do not use a lot of color as well as being better for large batches. Artwork must be in vector format and is limited to 8 maximum colors on the shirt. We do require a minimum order of 48 pieces in order to utilize the screen printing method due to the fact that there is heavy setup involved.


What is your turn around?

Commonly from the time we take your payment till the time we ship is 7-10 business days. When you submit a quote we generally give you an idea when it would print as well.

What are the minimum orders? Do I have to get them all the same size and style?

Minimum order is 48 pieces. You can split this up between sizes, apparel colors, apparel types, as long as ink color(s)/print locations stay the same across all garments.

Are your shirts pretty good quality?

Yes! We typically use soft-style Next Level brand shirts as our standard T-shirt, Independent brand for our Crewnecks and Hoodies—very thick and warm! We don’t use cheap garments unless you request them!

I have a quote from a competitor, can you meet or beat it?

We can sure try, but make sure you have all the specifics and give us all of that so we can compare apples to apples (shirt brand/weight/model/qty/sizes/price per/shipping/tax/etc). Often competitors will try to appear to be offering a better deal, when in reality they are printing on a lower quality shirt. We can print on cheaper shirts too, however we do not push that type of clothing.

We need a lot of shirts, can you handle it? Can you be competitive?

Sure can, we produce 1000’s of shirts per day. We have been known to be able to include shipping to your door cheaper than your local shop can do it on high volume. You may be surprised. Send us the quote they gave you and we will see what we can do.

I’m in a rush, can you print very quickly?

Loaded question, that always depends on what’s already on our plate. However, many times we can make it happen. We have been known to turn around orders very quickly if the customer is in a rush and has the correct files. Never hurts to ask, but please if your on a deadline, let us know that right away so we can try to help you out.

I want to have my design printed on a few different color shirts, can you do that?

No problem at all as long as the ink colors stay the same. We can even change ink colors (wash out screen/dry/reset press). However there may be a fee for ink wash out, contact us on that.

Ink color looks slightly different than what it looked like on the computer screen proof.

We do not guarantee color matching. Closest color of ink is always used. If you have an exact color of ink you want us to use please let us know (brand/model/PMS Color (additional costs).

How are shirts packaged?

We sort and fold by size and shirt color so you can find what you are looking for quickly. Typically in sets of 12/ea.

I want a different brand of shirt than what you generally use, can you get them?

No problem, just let us know what brand and we will work with you to get it. Any cost differences will be adjusted to the pricing on our site and in our sales.

Logo Design

Your company’s signature has value! The logo is the identity of your business or service. A well-crafted logo is a long-term asset that accrues goodwill and is one of the most important part of your business. Investing in logo design helps you maximize brand recognition in the longer run.

Our team of designers ensures that your logo is distinct and captures the essence of your brand. Together with your logo, your brand identity is the complete package that includes everything a prospect or a consumer will across with while seeing or interacting with your brand. Along with signages, it can also include interiors, stationary, kiosks, t-shirts or uniforms, packaging, trucks and so on depending on the nature of your service or offering.

Take a look at our logo design portfolio below, where you’ll find examples of work completed for many industries